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Camarines Norte is a province located in the Bicol region in Luzon of the Philippines. Its capital is Daet. The province borders Quezon to the west, Camarines Sur to the south, and the Philippine Sea to the north.

Camarines Norte’s Geography

The province is divided into twelve (12) municipalities named Basud, Capalonga, Daet (capital), Jose Panganiban, Labo, Mercedes, Paracale, San Lorenzo Ruiz, San Vicente, Sta Elena, Talisay, and Vinzons. The province covers a total area of 2,320.07 square kilometers. The province is surrounded by large bodies of water namely the Lamon Bay, the San Miguel Bay, and the Philippine Sea facing the Pacific east of the province.

The capital town Daet is 342 kilometers from Metro Manila and takes about 8 to 10 hours to travel by bus.

The Physical Profile of Camarines Norte | Source: Provincial Planning and Development Office

Why invest in Camarines Norte?

The province is home to many type of businesses and the majority of which revolves around agriculture and aquaculture. The province is well known for growing the sweetest variety of pineapple which is the Formosa or Queen Pineapple. Agriculture is a very promising prospect here in Camarines Norte with its mineral rich farm lands which a lot of crops favor.

Agricultural Commodities in Camarines Norte | Source: Provincial Planning and Development Office

With the abundance of these agricultural products, processing of said raw products into other consumables have become popular. One of the more popular ones are vegetable chips/crisps usually made form cassava or cassava flour or regular flour mixed with vegetables and flavored with different seasonings. For more information on how to start a business go to our Start a Business page to learn more and get in touch with the agencies in the province that will help you get started.


Along with agriculture, tourism is also one of the big magnets of Camarines Norte being mostly covered with beaches and dotted with many islands. Two of the most popular go to beaches here are the Bagasbas Beach which spans the whole coast of Daet and is a prime surf spot for beginners and advanced alike. Another one is the Calaguas Beach known for its pristine white sand and lovely sunsets.

Tourism in Figures | Source: Provincial Tourism Operations Office